book fair

Stop in at the 2020 BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Scholastic Book Fair!

(Located in the Library)

March 2 - 11:  Shop during regular school hours and from 3:30-4:00.

SPECIAL TIMES:  Monday, March 9, and Tuesday, March 10, from                                               4:00-7:00 during Parent/Teacher Conferences

* Throughout the eight days of the fair, students will have an opportunity to visit the book fair during their regular library time and during the hours listed above. 

* They will be able to preview the books and other items and write up their own wish list to take home with them. 

(Copies of wish lists for grades PreK-5 will be available at the fair.) 

* Teachers may also have a classroom wish list at the book fair.  Patrons can purchase a book from the list or make a monetary donation toward the purchase of classroom books. 

* Gift certificates for students and staff members are also available.

This BUY ONE GET ONE FREE fair is a big THANK YOU to

the South Prairie community for supporting the library through

the purchase of books at the Fall 2019 fair.