Microsoft Teams Access Student Help Guide

This is the student help guide for accessing Microsoft Teams on your computer:

Microsoft Teams is an online meeting space that your teachers have created for your classes to meet together. To access Teams, you use your Office 365 username and password provided to you by the school. Once you are logged in to Office 365, click on the App that is called "Teams." This can always be found by clicking the squares in the upper left corner: 


When you open Teams, it will either ask you to download the App or to open it in your browser. You can open it in your browser if you want, but I recommend using Google Chrome as your browser instead of Safari. If your browser doesn't load it correctly, then you will need to follow the following steps: 

If you have Google Chrome, use that browser to login to your Office 365 account ( ). Then, under the app list, click “Teams.” and see if it opens that way. If that still doesn't work, then you will need to download the app by clicking the link in the section below. 

If you don’t have Google Chrome, you will need to do ONE of the following:

-download the Microsoft Teams app by clicking this link:

-download Google Chrome by following the steps at this link:

Use the following links to access a help guide on how to use Microsoft Teams: